The Evo 4 AD is the smaller version of the Evo 5 Automati Dryer, only usable combined with the Incremental processor. The modular equipment concept allows the customer to install the automatic dryer and the plate automatic transfer system anytime.


evo5 AD


  • High efficency drying system with 8 drawers divided in 4 heating groups with fans
  • 2 separate temperature regulations for each group to ensure an excellent temperature uniformity on the whole plate surface
  • Only 1 dryer opens for the plate entrance or exit (the other 3 remain closed and operating)



IPTThe "Intelligent Plate Transfer" system automatically positions the closest available drawer to receive
the coming plates. This avoids unnecessary movements and loss of time.


Evo5 AD monitorWith the innovative "Live Process Control" a set of internal micro cameras allows the user to control the plate status after the washout section and captures the most sensitive automatic mechanical movements during the plate transfer, displays them on the wide screen monitor and records them on the DVR re-writable memory.




horz lineseparator

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