Vianord offers this solution to combine in a unique unit the dryer and light finisher sections. This unit is available for plates size up to 120 x 160 cm (47 x 63 inch).

 EVO4 Dryer Light-Finisher


  • 60 Celsius degree hot air (140 degree Fahrenheit) 
  • 6 drawers with individual timers
  • 3 heating sections with separate temperature control and air circulation (2 drawers each)
  • Uniform temperature for excellent drying result
  • Safety thermostat in every section
  • Exhaust system integrated
  • Safety device for exhaust control
  • Touch screen operator display
  • Programmable unit warm up
  • Automatic switch off after last plate


  • UVA + UVC lamps for post exposure and light finishing
  • Programmable operation: simultaneous/separate/sequential 
  • Separate timers for UVA and UVC
  • Automatic plate cooling with programmable time
  • 24 programmable channels for different plate types
  • Powerfull air exhaust with delayed stop for safe zone extraction
  • Fiber optic lamp failure detectors
  • Exhaust system integrated
  • Touch screen operator display

horz lineseparator


evo4 dlf tech data 900x631