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True Full Automation, from plate imaging to plate delivery

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 09:05

Carros, France – February 13th, 2017. Vianord Engineering designs and builds innovative Plate Processing Systems for the Flexo industries where the plate is somehow “delicate” and requires careful but high speed handling......

It’s automation department, has over the years developed considerable expertise with, amongst other more traditional technologies, robotics and automation.

Unprocessed digital plates are difficult to handle, being sensitive and easily scratchable. When imaged in commercial volumes they need to be moved quickly through the production process, so are in danger of getting damaged and thus disrupting production. In the past the solution was to count on the operator’s ability and carefulness to hold each plate and move them to the exposing unit and processing line as it was imaged.

We have addressed this issue by developing a dedicated high-performance robotic system, in a very compact footprint that can be tailored to any Imager, independently if it is in a stand-alone configuration or combined to a proprietary LED exposing unit.” said Riccardo de Caria, Strategy Advisor at Vianord Engineering. “The new concept complements our automated EVO lines, hence creating the first fully automated platemaking system; from plate imaging to plate delivery. Our smart-bridge can connect EVO lines to any imager via our Evo LED exposing units or, any proprietary LED exposing unit. It can connect up to two laser units to one Evo line. We developed a multidisciplinary automation system that combines all the popular elements of common automation into one compact, integrated, high performance system.

The issue Vianord had to solve was receiving imaged plates and move them to an EVO Line with the help of a robotic system, which performs as a “swiss watch”. For the professionals who are familiar with the Flexo Platemaking processes, it is easy to understand the magnitude of the challenge Vianord had to face. The solution developed sees a number of servo-controlled mechanisms combined with an intelligent sensing system to warrant precision motion, control performance and enhanced operating efficiency.

Like all Vianord Engineering equipment, also the smart-bridges are modular, easy-to-assemble, safe, and virtually maintenance-free. Multiple level configurations are available and can be added to any existing EVO lines.

By incorporating a smart-bridge to the EVO line, we have been able to provide solutions for plate processing operations that need a way to handle increased volume as they grow. This well made, and affordable option is a fantastic feature to aid the plate processing operations; customers who didn’t consider full automation before because they believed it was almost unachievable and therefore price prohibitive are now finding their way into it. The team at Vianord have worked very hard to develop a unique modular solution, which today it is the only fully functioning commercially available option.” Concluded Massimiliano Merlo, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Vianord Engineering.

The Vianord Customer Technology Centre in Carros answers any questions about the integration of innovative platemaking technology in a real production environment. As a global leader in Plate Processing equipment, Vianord is bridging the gap between theory and reality by making full automation tangible to customers.

About Vianord

Vianord Engineering is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative flexographic plate-making systems for conventional and digital plates. Founded by a group of Flexo experts and highly qualified specialists in the field of flexo plate making equipment, the company is fully dedicated to the pure technological innovation of the flexographic pre-press industry. Vianord has been the first company to develop and commercialize modular and fully automated solutions to help flexo printers, converters, plate-makers and repro services, to benefit of high quality plates, through a streamlined process and in a safety-enhanced working environment.

The Vianord Headquarters is located near Nice (South France), in the heart of the industrial area of Carros, one of the three technological poles of France. The new and modern office building, R&D workshops, production units and warehouse were purposely designed over a total area of 4.300 sqm (46.000 sq ft) covering two floors. A second production unit and assembly facility is located in Italy near Milan.

Vianord products and solutions are distributed globally through a global network of channel partners providing vertical solutions and specialized services.

We innovate. You benefit! - Everyone at Vianord makes use of their genuine ability to discover and develop new things that make customers’ job easier, by anticipating their problems and creating new business opportunities, beyond the obvious.