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Welcome to the future of Flexo Platemaking

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 09:24

Carros, France – February 20th, 2017. Vianord Engineering announces the opening of its first Customer Technology Centre in France......

Four consecutive years of strong growth have led Vianord Engineering leadership to expand its corporate headquarters and set-up a new Customer Technology Centre in Carros, located right between R&D and production. The centre serves as a base for Vianord Engineering to work with customers to mutually address the current demands of the market.

Customers who want a closer look are very welcome to visit Vianord new Customer Technology Centre, featuring two fully automated flexo-plate processing EVO lines. After so many years, we’ve learned that customers want to see equipment running as if they were in a real production environment. Our new centre is a perfect workplace for Vianord and customers to test new and existing solutions.” stated Riccardo de Caria, Strategic Advisor Vianord Engineering.

Vianord Engineering R&D develops technologies for flexo platemaking equipment and advanced automation devices, following precise strategic research trajectories. A key attribute of Vianord Engineering is its partnership model with industry leaders (customers) and academia, based around the strategic roadmap and discovery programs.

The new Customer Technology Centre was inaugurated on Jan 23 with a visit from a number of representatives of Schawk (a Matthews International company). They visited Vianord Engineering and were impressed with the quality of flexo plate processed by the fully automated EVO 5 line.

Like all Vianord Engineering equipment, also the smart-bridges are modular, easy-to-assemble, safe, and virtually maintenance-free. Multiple level configurations are available and can be added to any existing EVO lines.

Mr. Heinz Baldrman, Global Senior Technical Manager and Mr. Martyn Purdy, Production Manager at Schawk, commented "We came to see the latest and new high end technology developed by Vianord Engineering. The Evo 5 is the first fully automated plate production line and we were impressed by the functionality and quality of the system; it’s a big step into the future. The new Vianord Customer Technology Centre offers all you need to make realistic demo, but most important it offers great testing opportunities."

Vianord Engineering also offers educational programs at the centre for a wide range of customers and distributors to learn more about Vianord Engineering technology. The training for end-user service, is conducted by Vianord Engineering technical management and, in partnership with leading industry experts offer Sales and Marketing professional training.

About Vianord

Vianord Engineering is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative flexographic plate-making systems for conventional and digital plates. Founded by a group of Flexo experts and highly qualified specialists in the field of flexo plate making equipment, the company is fully dedicated to the pure technological innovation of the flexographic pre-press industry. Vianord has been the first company to develop and commercialize modular and fully automated solutions to help flexo printers, converters, plate-makers and repro services, to benefit of high quality plates, through a streamlined process and in a safety-enhanced working environment.

The Vianord Headquarters is located near Nice (South France), in the heart of the industrial area of Carros, one of the three technological poles of France. The new and modern office building, R&D workshops, production units and warehouse were purposely designed over a total area of 4.300 sqm (46.000 sq ft) covering two floors. A second production unit and assembly facility is located in Italy near Milan.

Vianord products and solutions are distributed globally through a global network of channel partners providing vertical solutions and specialized services.

We innovate. You benefit! - Everyone at Vianord makes use of their genuine ability to discover and develop new things that make customers’ job easier, by anticipating their problems and creating new business opportunities, beyond the obvious.