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Vianord Wave 3 Processor

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 12:48

Carros, France – February 01st, 2019. The new Wave 3 plate processing solution for water based flexographic plates developed by Vianord Engineering in Carros, France, is designed to meet the highest quality and reliability requirements of the most demanding customers. It is engineered to greatly enhance the sustainability advantages offered by water washable flexo plates while safeguarding quality washout and superior screenings.

The Wave 3 P can handle a maximum plate size of 92 cm x 120 cm (36 inches x 48 inches) and it can process almost all the plate types in the market from 1,14 mm up to 2,84 mm of thickness, both digital and analogue.

Amongst many other advantages, the new WAVE 3 Processor offers:

  • Trivial equipment footprint, when compared to conventional processing equipment
  • Fast high-quality washout, perfected by uniques LAM residuals cleaning and the pre-drying features.
  • Integrated water reclaimer system, which doesn’t require a frequent water replacement and only needs to top-up the quantity that naturally evaporates at its working temperature; positioning this processor as the most environmentally sound solution commercially available.
  • Stimulating economic performance.

The innovative Wave product family is answering the flexo industry’s demand of solvent free and fully automated plate making systems” Concluded Massimiliano Merlo, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Vianord Engineering.

The Wave 3 P will be delivered to the clients starting from April 2019.

About Vianord

Vianord Engineering is the world’s leading supplier of innovative flexographic plate-making systems for conventional and digital plates, solvent and water washable. Founded by a group of Flexo experts and highly qualified specialists in the field of flexo plate making equipment, the company is fully dedicated to the pure technological innovation of the flexographic pre-press industry. Vianord has been the first company to develop and commercialize modular and fully automated solutions to help flexo printers and repro houses, to benefit of high quality plates, through a streamlined process and in a safety-enhanced working environment.

The Vianord Headquarters is located near Nice (South France), in the heart of the industrial area of Carros, one of the three technological poles of France. The new and modern office building, R&D workshops, production units and warehouse were purposely designed over a total area of 4.300 sqm (46.000 sq ft) covering two floors. A second production unit and assembly facilities are located in Italy near Milan.

Vianord products and solutions are distributed globally through a network of channel partners providing vertical solutions and specialized services.

We innovate. You benefit! - Everyone at Vianord makes use of their genuine ability to discover and develop new things that make customers’ job easier, by anticipating their problems and creating new business opportunities, beyond the obvious.