Easy to Plate™ is the war horse of Vianord Engineering. An about 3 years and a half project, started at the end of 2012. The final goal is the full automation of the entire flexo plate making process: from the CPI for digital plates, to a stacker unit to store the finished plates. Today 38 units have already successfully been installed around the world.



One of the most important feature of the Easy to Plate™ is the modularity concept, in other words, each unit is an independent piece of equipment buyable separately with the possibility of being upgrated and attached to one other to compose an all-in-one automatic unit. This gives the customer 2 choices:
1) buy the whole automatic line at once, or
2) ammortize the investment and buy the different units over a longer time frame.


High efficiency

Less plates manipulation and manpower intervention for a higher quality: this also means a cost and time saving product. The risk of damaging a plate due to human intervention is virtually eliminated; as well as the inconvenience of direct contact with the solvent. In addition, the Easy to Plate™ has also a positive impact on the working environment: no more solvent smell in the workshops neither solvent leaks around due to dirty plates manipulation.


Full plate control

Another great advantage of the Easy to Plate™ system is represented by the set of internal cameras positioned to monitor the plate status after the washout section, as well as all the most sentitive mechanical transfer of the plate from one module to another. All the images captured by the cameras are displayed on the wide screen fixed to the dryer module and can also be seen and studied in remote by Vianord engineers. Each Easy to Plate is in fact equipped with a remote monitoring system, studied to assist the customer and follow up the unit status after installation. In addition to all this, a manual camera is also provided on every Easy to Plate.
This allows the technician in loco to show in remote specific images to Vianord support team.


The Easy to Plate project encloses all the technological innovations in order to integrate all the steps of the photopolymer plates manufacturing in a all-in-one fully automatic line.