The EVO 3 EDLF is a combined exposure unit with automatic lid in size 90 x 120 cm (36" x 48") with integrated dryer (4 drawers) and light finisher. 

  evo3 edlf aperta cassetti



EXPOSURE SECTION:  evo3 exposure

  • New cooling bed system to grant a uniform and constant temperature without any exposure time limit
  • Vacuum system for analogic plates exposure
  • Probe for temperature control
  • High concentration of UVA lamps to ensure the highest UV output in its class 
  • Light integrator
  • Lamps air flow cooling system with temperature control
  • Optical fibers lamp control


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DRYER SECTION: evo3 dryer section

  • 4 sealed drawers to prevent any leak of fumes
  • Drying temperature reached in a very reduced time thanks to the new hot air generation and circulation system.
  • Automatic pre-heat system
  • Automatic switch off option
  • Optimal T° uniformity thanks to 2 separate T° controls interfaces
  • New air suction sytem design to ensure a faster plate drying


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LIGHT FINISHING SECTION: evo3edlf light-finishing section

  • Auto combined UVA-UVC post exposure (simoultaneous/consecutive/delayed)
  • Air flow cooling system
  • Optical fibers lamp control


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