The Evo 3 IP FA is the 90 x 120 cm (36 x 48 inch). incremental version of the Vianord FA (Full Automatic) series. The FA Processor is the latest module to complete the Easy to Plate™ system. On top of all the features of a standard Processor, the FA version includes a fully automatic plate entrance section designed to receive plates directly for the Evo LED module or from a connecting bridge (the configuration depends on the LASER brand/model). Once a plate enters the processor, all operations are performed withouth any human intervention: pin bars are automatically taken and put in position from the pin bar charger; the plate is first punched, then clamped on the pin bar and carried throughout the whole process.



 Evo3 incremental Processor Full Automation

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EVO3 IP FA pinbar

  • The side pin bar automatic charger stores up to 15 pin bars.
  • The automatic punching system rolls up everytime the sensor identify an incoming plate. It punches the plate and goes back until the next one arrives.
  • The clamping of the punched plate on the pin bar is taken care of automatically



WASHOUT SECTION:spazzole EVO5 280x186

  • Digital washout with separate pre-wash section to prevent contamination
    of the main washout solvent with black layer.
    • 2 pre-wash brushes (oscillating and rotating)
    • 8 washout brushes (oscillating and rotating)
    • 1 top cleaning brush (oscillating and rotating)
    • 1 wiping brush (oscillating and rotating)
    • 2 back cleaning brushes (rotating)
  • New volumetric pump and sensitive pressure sensor allow a higher precision solid content analyzer
  • Automatic solvent replenishment system
  • Fresh solvent consumption control over the machine life cycle and programmable over a time frame
  • Fresh solvent flow regulation option on the touch screen
  • Constant solvent temperature thanks to water circulation serpentine
  • The new "3D Brush Motion" system with servo drive motors enables a soft mechanical start 
    which results in less vibrations and a much more quiet 3Dmachine. It also provides a constant and repetible washout speed; in fact, the new system, adjustable from the display, automatically synchronizes the brushes rotation and oscillation speed to the plate transfer speed; so that bristles hit the plate, thin or thick, always at the same speed


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OTHER FEATURES:touchscreen

  • 30 x 30 rotating and tilting touch screen display
  • Programmable automatic solvent warmup
  • Automatic standby after the last plate processed
  • Remote access (optional)
  • Active component visualisation during the process
  • Manual function to run the components separately
  • Memorisation of the plate process parameters (up to 24 channels)


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 Evo3 Incremental Processor Full Automation