The Evo 5 BP is a flexo batch processing unit in the size 132 x 203 cm (52x80 inch). As all Vianord processors, it is equipped with a pre-wash section for digital plates with a separate tank for the black layer. The batch processor comes in the extended size, with a very high washout speed: the plate enters the processor quickly, is fully washed at once, and exits rapidly. This unit is compatible with the Easy to Plate™ system.


evo5 batch processor


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evo5 processor features

  • The Plate holder at the bottom of the machine allows the user to store rolled plates to avoid any damage and have them ready to use.
  • The Pin bar storage section can carry up to 8 pin bars.
  • The integrated automatic rollaway punch automatically opens when the front lidis opened. Then it is enough to position the plate in the device to have it pierced with precision. The number of times the punch pierces the plate is programmable according to the user's preferences.




spazzole EVO5 280x186

  • Digital washout with separate pre-wash section to prevent contamination
    of the main washout solvent with black layer
    • 2 pre-wash brushes (oscillating and rotating)
    • 22 washout brushes (oscillating and rotating)
    • 1 top cleaning brush (oscillating and rotating)
    • 1 wiping brush (oscillating and rotating)
    • 2 back cleaning brushes (rotating)
  • New volumetric pump and sensitive pressure sensor allow a higher precision solid content analyzer
  • Automatic solvent replenishment system
  • Fresh solvent consumption control over the machine life cycle and programmable over a time frame
  • Fresh solvent flow regulation option on the touch screen
  • Constant solvent temperature thanks to water circulation serpentine
  • The new "3D Brush Motion" system with servo drive motors enables a soft mechanical start
    which results in less vibrations and a much more quiet 3Dmachine. It also provides a constant and repetible washout speed; in fact, the new system, adjustable from the display, automatically synchronizes the brushes rotation and oscillation speed to the plate transfer speed; so that bristles hit the plate, thin or thick, always at the same speed


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touchscreen evo 4/5



  • 30 x 30 rotating and tilting touch screen display
  • Programmable automatic solvent warmup
  • Automatic standby after the last plate processed
  • Remote access (optional)
  • Active component visualisation during the process
  • Manual function to run the components separately
  • Memorisation of the plate process parameters (up to 24 channels)


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