Smart Efficient Streamlined Ground-breaking solutions tailored to the Flexo Industry.

Vianord Engineering, the manufacturer of the most popular and most reliable high-performance fully automated platemaking system for flexographic plates focuses on further expanding its Easy-To-Plate™ systems platform.


The Easy-To-Plate™ systems platform functions as a modular, complete and fully integrated platemaking system  and thus offers much more than a traditional “inliner”.


Easy to Plate brought the inliner platemaking systems to a different level

When innovative design and manufacturing quality is critical and up time is essential, Vianord Engineering is your low risk, high reward choice for fully automated solutions.


Vianord develops fully automated solutions, used wherever high throughput is required with absolute precision, repeatability and quality.

“Anyone who uses a fully automated easy-to-plate system reduces the non-value added effort and can supply their customers faster. With Easy-to-plate, we have brought the inline systems to a new level. Vianord revolutionised the inline platemaking systems with the introduction of “Easy-to-plate”, the first modular platform.”  Riccardo de Caria,  President of Vianord Engineering

Wherever high-quality fully automated applications are required, Vianord’s technology offers the most sophisticated and advanced solutions.

Engineering is at the heart of every project we execute. With extensive and diverse combined experience in the design and manufacturing of automated platemaking equipment, our engineering team knows the right questions to ask, how to properly create your project proposal, and then how to manage the project from concept to completion.

We know that efficiency, quality, and cost are key to producing successful automated flexo platemaking systems.

Vianord Engineering is a leader in the design and integration of platemaking systems and robotics automation.

Vianord Engineering, unlike other firms in our industry, take pride in working closely with our partners to ensure top-notch quality at every stage in the design and manufacturing processes. Working close with our partners enables Vianord to design and produce fully automated flexo platemaking systems of the highest quality that meet unique industry and customer needs.

“Since ever, full automation has been our know-how and differentiator. Wherever a plate is to be grabbed and repositioned accurately, i.e. in the millimetre range, our solutions and systems are the most functional and innovative.”  Riccardo de Caria,  President of Vianord Engineering

Our unique expertise and processes help us seamlessly integrate equipment into fully automated systems.

Vianord’s mechanical engineering experience includes a diverse portfolio of manual and automated as well as synchronous and non-synchronous assemblies. Automated systems are designed to unlock the value of our customers with our engineers focusing on environmental impact, safety, maximum up time, machine lifetime, ease of maintenance, and accessibility.

Vianord’s controls engineering experience includes a wide variety of hardware and software, networking devices with current industrial communications protocols, and integration with higher-level data collection systems. By combining tried and true practices with the newest technology, Vianord creates a control system that is safe, reliable, and user friendly.

Keep your option open. Avoid getting locked in; don’t let any supplier impact your entire business strategy.

The Vianord Freedom boundaries are permeable to new information and ideas.


Vianord Freedom, the new fully automated platemaking system, interfaces and interacts with its environment.

No single entity made all the decisions. Freedom is the result of the collective efforts of many people of different partner companies, taking advantages of all of the collective contributions.


Vianord Freedom is largely modular, and is designed to adapt and interface with other contributions/ideas very easily and truly quickly.

Conversely, what happens when you have a single stakeholder making all the decisions regarding your product?

Vianord Freedom is the only true open system.

Linking any digital imager to a plate processor unit (perhaps even previously installed) is only possible if the latter is an open system.

If that plate processor is truly open, it will also be possible to upgrade it to a fully automated plate making system without having to scrap everything and restart from scratch.


Watch out for “vendor lock-in” that may jeopardise the development of your business.

Smart companies vs “locked-in” companies

A key issue facing business today is to avoid being locked in to a technology from a single provider, and to ensure they are free to transition to the most convenient products and services offered by the market.

As more and more companies launch projects to become "smarter", a substantial need is emerging: the ability to choose the best Fully Automated Platemaking System.

The biggest concern should be avoiding becoming “locked-in”; captive of a single company that holds all the enabling technology.


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